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On snow - for life

Life long development together with likeminded skiers.
Once you’ve entered the world of Skiers, you’re instantly a part of a large skiing community. We have over 350 members and 27 mentors. By becoming a member you’ll surround yourself with other skiers on the quest to develop. Your own skiing and your experience on the mountain will be transformed.
You can start your membership at any point over the year, during our off snow season we have workout sessions, digital talks and get-togethers.
This is a complex product that can look very different from one member to the other. It is always personalized and shaped after each individuals goals and interests. Everyone goes through a core process, focusing on the basic movement pattens used when skiing as a start. We always work to create awareness in each members skiing. In short – we want you to know and understad what you are doing and why, rather than just having our mentors telling you what to do. This way you’re in charge of your development and in the end, can develop it on your own.
Price: CHF 16.200/140.000 SEK (Includes lifelong membership & your first process which takes about 3-5 years to complete).
Contact:, +46-647-77 99 98


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