Insights & new heights

We believe that meeting new people provides insights that we might otherwise never have come to. There will be skiing. Questions will be asked. Awareness and development is the core. It's time for you to learn your turn.



Why do you ski? What motivates you? What is your optimal turn? How? Route choices and terrain? Imitating each other’s movement patterns. Together, but still... still at your own level.


The format originated when we gathered six elite athletes from different disciplines to see what they could learn from each other – and what we can do to drive the development of skiing. The conclusion was that there is more to do. Much more. And we do more.


We are motivated by our passion and are interested in skiers with different perspectives. We want to meet you, as a skier, to learn from your ideas and also for you to gain new perspectives from us and from other participants. We share. You share. It’s for free.

& WHO?


Skiing with other passionate skiers, where the aim is to develop together. A mentor from Skiers Accredited is the process leader and sets the direction. You may only participate once. Max 10 skiers per group. Each session is 2 hours. Date and place below.


Because of the Covid-19 situation we don't offer this activity right now. We will when the situation change. So until then you are welcome book a Tryout to try us out.