Covid-19 information


Skiers is following the development of the coronavirus pandemic and adapting to the recommendations in each country to minimise the spread of infection. If we all take our responsibility and follow the local recommendation, we create the best possible circumstances in every situation. At Skiers, we realise that the coming years is going to be unusual in many ways but that, despite this, plenty of things will continue as normal. We will lay our turns on the snow, spend time outside, develop and enjoy the feeling and experience together.


We will focus on meeting on snow and less indoor gatherings. We would also like you, to book activities in good time, so that we can all get the maximum out of the experience and minimise the risk of infection. This is a natural step in our development, but is of extra importance in times like these – you should always feel safe with us.


Because there are so many ifs and buts and maybes right now, we are preparing for many different scenarios for how we travel and with whom/how many. It’s like skiing – we can’t change the snow we ski on, only how we choose to react to it. Find your flow and your sense of what feels best for you. Listen and adapt.


Wash your hands, wax your skis and take care /Skiers


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